Brazilian Screenwriter studying at UCLA sells Pilot to Crackle

19 Mar Brazilian Screenwriter studying at UCLA sells Pilot to Crackle

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By Luisa Novo 3/15/15

Beto Skubs is a feature screenwriter from São Paulo, Brazil, and had one of his screenplays adapted as a graphic novel. Fade Out: Painless Suicide was published in 2011 with the ProAC (Programa de Ação Cultural) government grant and was well received by the specialized critics and was nominated for a HQMix award. In 2012 he started studying Screenwriting at UCLA in Los Angeles on a Fullbright Scholarship and discovered his love for writing TV.

He just sold a pilot to the Sony online platform Crackle, called Singular. Sony approached UCLA looking for original quality content and asked the school to identify their top 10 students, and Beto was one of them. They really liked his pilot and bought it, and it is now on the development phase. The series is a sci-fi mystery and tells the story of Jane Jones who was in a car accident that was supposed to be fatal but wakes up years later in a medical lab without any memories of her own. She have memories of other people though. A company called Singular Technologies was experimenting with her memories, and to get rid of them she will have to discover who these people in her head are, who she is, and unveil the conspiracy.


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