Brazilian Theaters received films from 38 countries in 2014

19 Mar Brazilian Theaters received films from 38 countries in 2014

Cinema Brasileiro

By Renato Manganello 2/23/2015

Brazilian theaters received films from 38 nationalities in 2014, the highest number in ten years. The number is considerably higher than the 26 countries in 2013. One of the reasons is the digitization of the movie theaters, what enables more flexibility on distribution and programming.

The USA released 148 titles, the same amount as in 2013. Brazil, again in the second position, released less movies: 103, against 120 in the previous year. France, in third, also reduced the number (from 46 to 33), but had a higher attendance (1,82% against 0,6%), thanks to the action movie Lucy.

Despite the Brazilian share fall (from 16.4% to 10.3%), the American share didn’t increase considerably (from 78.8% to 79.8%). Therefore, many tickets that were not spent in Brazilian movies were splattered among the multinational offer in 2014. (the Brazilian market share is different from the official number of the year, of 12.4%, which also takes into consideration 2013 releases with tickets sold in the last year. The United Kingdom, as usually, benefited from Hollywood coproductions (Exodus, mainly), and Argentina got good results from Wild Tales.

By genre, dramatic films leaded the offers, with 144 titles, but didn’t have the best results. Once more, the adventure genre had the highest attendance average, followed by animation.

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