Mexico and Brazil sign a support protocol for filmmaking co-production and co-distribution

19 Mar Mexico and Brazil sign a support protocol for filmmaking co-production and co-distribution

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by Alfredo Rios 2/26/2015

With the intention of looking for new mechanisms to strength the Mexican and Brazilian filmmaking industries – in the arch of the 65th Berlin International Film Festival -, Jorge Sanchez Sosa, General Director of Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografia (IMCINE) and Manoel Rangel, Titular-Holder of Agencia Nacional de Cine (ANCINE), signed an agreement for the collaboration of incentives and the co-production and co-distribution of feature films.

The signed document by the entitled of both state agencies is pointing to features films in the genres of fiction, documentary and animation, produced in Mexico or/and Brazil, which original format be digital or traditional film and be priority destined in exhibition multiplexes.

In the scope of the co-production, the protocol will establish a maximum of two projects for each country to receive the support during the selection. These projects could be considered like nationals in both countries and access the existent support funds to production and distribution in Brazil like in Mexico.

IMCINE and ANCINE will annually publish the total import of the financing supports, considering the sufficient budget limits of both institutions.

In addition, is pointed in the agreement the forms in which the supports will be delivered in both countries and the requirements of accountability over the correct application of the same. All this, with the observance of previsions and established rules by the “Convenio de integración Cinematográfica Iberoamericana” and the “Acuerdo Latinoamericano de Coproducción Cinematográfica”.

The criteria to select the projects will be based on the coproduction, technic quality, cultural and artistic of the project; and of course, on the relevance of the project in the integration of both movie industries.

Both filmmaking institutions will establish a respective commission to the supports to the co-production and co-distribution in benefit of national cinema of Brazil and Mexico.



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